Cutting Blending & Sandblasting


With our extensive machinery and partially CNC – the advantage of a modern manufacturing is to steered machine tools obvious.
We can in time realize high quality and dimensional accuracy as well as quantity production up to the surface processing and sandblasting.

Our available capacity:

  • CNC – welding torch with autogen and plasma burner to metal size of 2 x 6 m
  •  Hydraulics rolling machine for sheet metal widths up to 3100 mm and 22 mm of wall thickness
  •   incl. Ring bending machine for Spiral drills
  •  Hydraulic press brake for sheet metal works up to 3100 mm with 300 tons of press capacity
  •  Sandblast cab for chill casting gravel, sandblast and glass beads (cab measure of L x B x H; 8 x 5 x 4 m)
  •  As well as Gate shears , Notch-station and nibbling machine